Uniform Rental Apparel by Monarch Cleaners, in Altoona, PA

Rental System Convenience Throughout the Southern Alleghenies Region

Monarch Cleaners offers a wide range of uniforms for businesses that operate throughout the Southern Alleghenies region. We service companies sizing from one employee to hundreds of employees. From Executive Business employees, to Business Casual employees, to Professional Service employees, Monarch has a uniform for everyone. With over 50 years of rental experience, we are fully prepared to meet the uniform needs of your company.

Benefits of a Uniform Rental System for Your Business

The benefits to you of a uniform rental system for your business include:

  • No upfront cost
  • No uniform storage to worry over
  • A clean professional look for your employees
  • No mending, button replacement or repair cost to you
  • Personally fit and individually tagged uniforms for each employee
  • Employee quit yesterday? No cost to you…
  • Each garment identified for individual employees

Leasing Uniforms: Same Benefits, With Self-Care

Monarch also has a uniform lease program that carries most of the same benefits as the rental program. The only difference with leasing is that the employees take care of cleaning their own uniforms. This program is valuable particularly when dealing with employee turnover.

Heavy Turnover? No Problem!

Does your company experience heavy turnover? If an employee is no longer employed by your business, Monarch will take back the uniform at no cost to you. No problem! Monarch will stop by on a weekly basis to pick up any uniforms that need mending, such as having new buttons or repair work, as well as fitting new employees, as needed. Let us take the time to focus on your uniforms so you can take the time to focus on your customers.

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Direct Purchase of Business Apparel

If the rental and lease programs are not quite what you’re looking for, Monarch can assist you in the direct purchase of garments for your business or organization. We have a wide variety of shirts, pants, jackets, hats, and other apparel that can be screen-printed or embroidered to suit your needs.

Add logos, mottos, or other messages that serve to unite your workforce, team, or other group. These items are also great to use as promotional items! See our Direct Sales page to view our online catalog of direct purchase items.

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