Mop Cleaning & Restroom Supplies
by Monarch Cleaners, Altoona, PA

Mop Services – Rental and Cleaning by Monarch

When it comes to professionalism, nothing beats the service Monarch Cleaners provides to our customers throughout the Southern Alleghenies region of PA. We are able to provide serious support with dust control and wet mop maintenance.

Importance of Dust Control for Your Company

Whether you are small, self-enclosed office or shop, or part of a large, widespread facility, having a handle on your company’s dust control can make a big difference in the overall maintenance and health of your business. Employees and visitors all benefit from being in a workplace that is proactive when it comes to dust and allergen control. While very few facilities can be what we call ‘germ free,’ keeping everyday dust and dirt under control does provide a healthier atmosphere.

How Monarch Fits Right In

Perhaps you already see Monarch’s truck fleet in the neighborhood, or have been in another business where our service people replace mats on a regular basis. This is one of the main ways we help companies control dust and dirt without their employees ever getting their own hands dirty! Our staff member comes in with fresh mats and takes the dirty ones away. We do the same with dust mops and wet mops that your business uses to wipe down walls, windows, and hard floors. Monarch fits right in with your operations, keeping your mops fresh and cleaning away the accumulated dirt.

Dust Mop Rental Service from Monarch Cleaners

Monarch Cleaners’ mop cleaning rental service is available for changing out on a weekly, bi-weekly, or 39-week schedule. Dust mops come to you pretreated and laundered, individually packaged and framed. Dust mops come in the following sizes:

  • 18 Inches
  • 24 Inches
  • 36 Inches
  • 48 Inches

The packages average out to a minimal cost per week for an integral part of your company’s dust control program.

Wet Mop Rental Service from Monarch

Monarch is proud to provide Barricade Premium Wet Mops. These are highly absorbent mops with built-in, anti-microbial protection. Wet mop rentals help eliminate mold and germs that are commonly found in store-bought mop heads.

When store-bought mop heads are not cleaned regularly or properly, germs and allergens can be spread throughout a cleaning area. Whether you operate an office, store, or a factory, everyone appreciates an area that is clean and disinfected.

Ensure your cleaning efforts are truly effective by using Monarch’s wet mop cleaning service. Having Monarch as your cleaning partner can keep your business looking its best while saving your operations staff the aggravation of maintaining proper cleaning tools.

Restroom Maintenance Supplies from Monarch

A heavy flow of customers is a good thing for any business, and with it comes the necessary items to keep employees and customers comfortable and clean. Monarch Cleaners can keep your larger business supplied with adequate and regular amounts of:

  • Continuous Roll Towels
  • Hand Soap
  • Toilet paper

Keep Monarch in mind when you need convenient restroom maintenance supplies. We cover our service area with the items everyone needs for restroom maintenance, conveniently. Keep enough restroom maintenance supplies on hand with the support of Monarch Cleaners!

Need supplies? Contact Monarch Cleaners
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