Linen & Other Product Services by Monarch Cleaners in Altoona, PA

Linens & Towels – Rental and Cleaning

Does your business see a lot of people come through its doors every day? A number of larger businesses and key industries throughout Central PA work with Monarch Cleaners to meet a variety of operational and maintenance needs on a daily basis. We provide linen-related rental and cleaning services that keep people moving and businesses thriving economically.

Restaurant Services from Monarch Cleaners

Important services we provide to restaurant and food service operations (bars, clubs, taverns, pubs, and more) include:

  • Bar Towels
  • Aprons
  • Grill Towels
  • Table Covers
  • Napkins
  • Chair Covers

These are items that are used often and need to be changed repeatedly, in order to maintain a high degree of cleanliness. Monarch Cleaners can provide rental and cleaning service packages that suit your needs and budget, whether you rent or own your soft goods that need cleaning. No worries—just give us a call!

Restroom Maintenance Supplies from Monarch

A heavy flow of customers is a good thing for any business, and with it comes the necessary items to keep employees and customers comfortable and clean. Monarch Cleaners can keep your larger business supplied with adequate and regular amounts of:

  • Hand Soap
  • Continuous Roll Towels
  • Toilet paper

Toilet paper and other necessities may not be something a business keeps front-and-center, but they are certainly noticed when they are missing. Keep enough restroom maintenance supplies on hand with the support of Monarch Cleaners!

Other Rental Services from Monarch Cleaners

Monarch Cleaners serves more than food service clients. We offer an extensive list of other rental and cleaning services that may be perfect for your business:

Mechanic & Repair Shops take advantage of Monarch’s shop towels and fender covers services, where grease and dirt are a regular part of the workday.

Hospitals & Medical Offices keep Monarch in mind for lab coats and patient gowns, when professionalism and cleanliness are the top priority for examinations and testing in a variety of locations.

Grocery Stores and Meat Processing operations rely on Monarch Cleaners for the rental of butcher coats, aprons, and towels that keep workers clean and production moving along.

A variety of businesses utilize Monarch Cleaners for the rental of executive shirts and pants, and other uniforms, used at work in many industries where around-the-clock staffing may be part of their regular operations.

Dust Mop and Wet Mop services are also available–find out more.

Please feel free to call us at (814) 944-4561
for more information on any of Monarch’s services.