Monarch Cleaners provides residential & commercial cleaning services in Central PA.

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning & Supply Services in Central PA

Keep Monarch in Mind for Outstanding Service, Delivered!

Monarch Cleaners, of Altoona, PA, provides outstanding dry cleaning services throughout six counties in the Southern Alleghenies region of Central Pennsylvania. We appreciate the many ways we bring people together with the important services we offer. Monarch brings convenience, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction. These are the hallmarks of Monarch Cleaners since we began operations in 1917.

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More Than Cleaning – Keep Monarch in Mind

You may know Monarch for our dry cleaning services, but we offer so much more every day. Keep Monarch in mind for:

Dry Cleaning: Clothing, uniforms, business, specialty fabrics and textiles.

Alterations: Specialty sewing repairs and alterations from our on-site seamstress.

Uniform & Mat Rental Services: Rental, leasing, and direct/group sales.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Residential and commercial, done on-site.

Rug Cleaning: In-plant cleaning of oriental and fine area rugs.

Linen and Additional Rental Products: Shop towels, fender covers, lab coats, patient gowns, butcher coats, and executive shirts and pants.

Dust Control Solutions: Mat and mop rental, and restroom supplies.

Direct Sales: Arrange your group purchase through Monarch Cleaners and know that your company and its employees all reflect your coordination and care in their appearance.

Dedication to excellence in high quality customer service is the foundation of Monarch Cleaners.

Monarch Cleaners is your business hub throughout the Southern Alleghenies region. We help commercial enterprises maintain a clean, positive, and professional appearance to leave a good impression on customers. Check our services and rental programs! We even extend an introductory hand with our convenient coupon savings.

Monarch Cleaners…an Expanded History of Service

The history of Monarch Cleaners goes back almost 100 years. We started in 1917 and are still the local, trusted, diverse, and relevant company that is responsive to our customers’ needs. We service a 75-mile radius of Altoona, PA, with additional retail locations in Bellmeade, Hollidaysburg, and Huntingdon. Please direct your service questions to our main office in Altoona. However, if you would like to arrange for convenient dry cleaning pickup on one of our driver routes in Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Huntingdon, Somerset Counties, just give us a call.

Monarch Cleaners provides vehicle fleets for door-to-door on site cleaning services in Central PA.

Monarch operates and maintains a fleet of vehicles that help keep us out in the community and provide the “door-to-door” service our customers expect. We do all the expected AND unexpected things, from on-site carpet and upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and repair services, mat, mop, and linen rentals, wedding gown preservation, and many other customized products and services. See our Vehicle Fleet page for more details on when our service fleet is in particular locations.

Vehicle Fleets

Keep Monarch in Mind, All Around Altoona, PA

If you have not thought about dry cleaning as a viable option, find out more about our company and the many services we offer to our customers in the region all around our hometown of Altoona, PA. Monarch Cleaners is, above all, a service-oriented company and it shows in everything we do. We have four convenient locations to best serve our residential and commercial clientele.

Monarch Cleaners saves you money and saves the environment. By providing service directly to your home or business, we save you time and money. Keep rugs, upholstery, and other home and business fabrics looking their best in an eco-friendly way, while saving water when compared to other cleaning methods.

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Monarch Works Throughout Central PA…

Of course, we are always looking to hire employees who are willing to help us meet our goals and provide outstanding service to our clientele. If you wish to apply for employment with Monarch Cleaners, we provide a link to our application form, and look forward to hearing from you!

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With all we do, Monarch is not the same company your grandparents and great-grandparents once knew almost 100 years ago. We are responsive to all the elements it takes to keep us going and keep our customers happy. Monarch Cleaners mindfully manages all our resources as we provide outstanding service, and it shows!

Thank You

Monarch Cleaners sincerely appreciates the many area residential and
commercial customers that have kept our company going strong for almost 100 years!